One on One Coaching Testimonials

 “Peter is an extremely gifted man, who helped me overcome some difficulties I had at the time I saw him. By teaching me and giving me tools to identify and resolve those issues, I was able to move forwards through them. I still use the techniques today and will keep them in my arsenal for future character building moments. I will be seeing Peter for any big challenges in my life.”

 “From my very first session with Peter, I felt heard, acknowledged and seen for the person I had the potential to be. Cutting through, healing and tying up the loose ends in my life during our initial sessions were done with immense gentleness and care, for that I am forever grateful. Today I hold myself confidently in every situation I am in, be it work, family, business. Now life is real, beautiful, and full of opportunities everywhere I am.”

 “I believe that the world would be a fundamentally better place if everyone had Peter as a coach (if only). His wisdom, his insights, how he challenges you and supports you on the journey, is life changing. I couldn’t recommend him enough.”

 “Peter is an independent, honest and supportive guide through life’s challenges. Always putting things in perspective, addressing those really tough issues. Remaining consistent and real throughout. A true guiding light and amazing support.”