For me the aim of coaching is to take you from where you are now to where you want to be, as quickly as possible. That could be anything from overcoming a challenge or climbing to greater heights.

Coaching solves problems, and creates opportunities. 

Coaching doesn’t hand you a perfect ‘one size fits all’ solution. Instead it gives you an array of tools and understanding for you to manage whatever comes up.

Growth isn’t always comfortable. It can be a tricky movement away from where you are now, to where you want to be, with the uncertainty that brings. We have to put real effort in to make change happen and that can be uncomfortable. A coach supports and encourages you in making the change.

I believe a good coach will help you with your goals to get you where you think you need to be…. but a great coach will help you with your life and what you want to experience on the way.


My coaching and training use simple core foundations about life that are easy to use and to remember, for your own long-term growth and transformation.

What you experience in sessions or on course is built from over 25 years of coaching and personal development ‘know how’ distilled into these core foundations.

Peter King Life Coach
Peter King Life Coach Smile

You will wonder why you never knew this stuff, why no one has taught you this before.

What you put in to your coaching experience, you will get back. And what you put in I will also give back, and more, as I truly believe in service and going the extra mile.

I plan sessions ahead with you; we work face to face or on WhatsApp or Zoom, work locally or internationally, short term or over the years as new life challenges or growth come up.

This is is how the coaching course got created a few years ago as clients asked me to teach them what they experienced in sessions, as no other course they could find seemed to do that.