Course Testimonials

I want skills to grow. I was mostly interested in growing myself as a person not actually becoming a life coach. That has changed now. I would recommend it, as it is a holistic approach to coaching covering emotional, physical, spiritual and mental aspects of facilitating the growth of others. The course changed my life but there is a beautiful irony in all that was learned……how each truth, principle and teaching is a universal truth which every person already carries within….Peter acted as a beautiful reminder.

Experiencing Peter’s coaching and completing the introduction to Coaching and Advanced Coaching Courses, has been a journey. It has been one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. From his teachings, I have shaped my own reality through a greater understanding of my true self and my potential, which has given me hope for my future. I have manifested a new confidence and belief in myself to start a business and live life to the fullest.

I loved the layout. It’s set over a few months. It gave me time to invest myself in the content. It’s value for money and time invested in the process.

I would say this isn’t your average life coaching course. It’s fun and challenging while covering topics that apply to everyone. It’s a real gift to help others with what is learned in this course. It’s the manual to life.

It really worked for me that I got out more of it for me personally in terms of growth and transformation than mere tools with which to help others. I think taking as long as it does gives one the chance to really work with the material as stuff comes up agin and again and the repetition really helps one to integrate the concepts and learning. It’s a profoundly transformative course delivered with a deep integration and experience that speaks volumes. Very inspiring. 

It was only until I found Peter’s course that I felt my life begin again. I became more me. I started living the life I love. If I had to describe this course in a few words, they would be: empowering, transformational and inspirational. 

I started the Introduction to Coaching in October 2016. Working with the core foundations and principles on a personal level initially and then with volunteers, makes the course more practical and interactive and allows integration of learning. The way the course is structured has also provided me with more clarity in my own life and given me more confidence in my capability of supporting clients and helping them move forward in their lives. 

I recommend every body does the course as no matter whether you end up coaching others or not applying what we learn makes us a better person. 

This course is so much more than a coaching course. I gained invaluable insight about myself, as well as a much deeper and realistic understanding of the human condition. Peter’s approach is direct and simple. His ability to deliver universal principles, at any level of consciousness is what makes this course appropriate for people of all ages and from all walks of life. 

I experienced transformative growth over the duration of this course. As a business owner, I did not anticipate that I would want to be a coach when I started this course; however I now know that I am fully equipped with a toolbox of insights and practical experience, which enables me to confidently facilitate another person or group, in any context. Having a multitude of material to continuously refer back to at any point, makes this a lifelong treasure.