This course combines our philosophy that life is simple if you know how, and people are less complex if you know why. It shows you how you can make lives work better.

It is simple yet profound, fun yet focused, broad yet deep. It has lots of theory yet also many practical processes to be completed to enable you to become a confident, capable coach.

  • This course is if you are curious about life coaching or working more deeply with people
  • You will enjoy the fun of working with up to 20 people for over a year
  • You get to know yourself deeply, applying the material to your own life first
  • This enables you to put your own stuff ‘down’ to fully focus on your client needs in the future
  • Core universal insights, tools and processes are practiced and applied over 14 months
  • You leave knowing you can support people from day one as a coach
  • This course runs on a weekday evening around your current commitments
  • A broad knowledge base is provided with both unique proprietary foundational material and standard coaching practices
  • Teaching is face to face from a master coach who runs a busy long standing international practice built only on word of mouth
  • Support comes with a buddy, coaching assistance and later in the course, volunteers of your choice
  • Training is face to face in our training facility in Cape Town, and simultaneously online for those on a workable time difference and stable internet
  • Audio and video recordings are available for missed sessions
  • The course gives you over 200 hours of training, including homework and practice, a full manual of material to refer to and a deeply rewarding and transformational process.