I believe life is simple….. it’s just us that complicates it

I believe life is about growth and fun

These two statements underpin much of my work and my coaching philosophy.

You may be reading this, thinking this is too far off the truth for you right now.

But how great would it be, if it were true for you…. that life is simple?

I believe coaching makes this possible.

I believe coaching mirrors life: if it weren’t simple, fun and involved growth, then what would be the point?

If it’s too complicated, or you can’t find a solution to what’s not working, or you aren’t enjoying the process – nothing will change, so why do it?

Coaching creates change – in our way of being, thinking, and feeling, and in what we do and how we relate to others and life in general.


Coaching isn’t therapy, which tends to focus on one’s history alone.

It’s a forward-looking, growthful process that has an end in sight, but that requires some support and ‘know how’ to get there.

We use the past and the present to understand what is going on, why things are as they are, but we use them to create a plan of action for the future.

Coaching works well when circumstance require change, and when we recognise we are that change and we are ready to make it.

Coaching isn’t about others. It’s not a ‘blame and shame’ game staying stuck in someone else’s ‘stuff’.

It’s about ‘you’, what you want to be different, and to give yourself permission to create the life you want


So you know a bit about me …that I believe life is simple, ‘growthful’ and fun.

That’s also a reflection of me.

I like to ‘keep it simple’.

My coaching isn’t hard to understand, too theoretical, or only based on newly learnt techniques. It is deep insight from thousands of client hours in a busy coaching practice built over two decades of coaching.

I have a deep passion and huge enthusiasm for my work, life and for people. I often stand in awe of what clients are capable of achieving with the right care and support.

I also like fun – life should be fun.

In sessions and training we work with deep consideration, care and compassion on the hard stuff, but we also chat and leave with a smile and a sense of lighthearted well-being and optimism for the future.